About us

This is a trial by the site authors to classify and document some of their knowledge. Most people tend to forget what they read, over years. But websites like this make a good platformfor such readers as well as the publishers. The readers have a good place to recollect and the authors have a good chance to collect and present what they know.

There are several people who try to read and remember some interesting facts of life (like the information provided in this site). But not every one of them remembers all of them. This kind of sites can provide a fillip to such a situation where we need to recollect the information at some point of time in our life.

This site will be added with more relevant articles from time to time, though a time table is not fixed. Any factual errors are due to some of the imperfections from the records where the research was done. If at all some of you feel that they really need a change, please feel free https://www.essaywriterusa.com/case-study to write your comments.